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Published: 28th December 2010
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If you want to become a better paintball shooter you must learn new moves and tricks in order to get the advantage on the field. As they say it, practice makes perfect which is what would any professional paintball player recommend for those that are new to the sport. With this article we will try to offer you a few tips regarding how to do an efficient paintball snapshot.

First of all, the definition of a snapshot in paintball: a player that stays behind cover or a bunker and pops out around or over the top of the bunker very fast, while firing his gun for a couple of times towards the target. This move is very easy to learn, but quite hard to master it. A paintball player will need leg strength, a fast trigger finger, excellent aim and good judgment in order to make an efficient snapshot while playing paintball.

The first thing you will have to do is to get behind a bunker or any other sort of cover that you have on the paintball field. We all know that bunkers vary greatly in shapes and sizes, but most of the time you will be spending it crouching, which is why leg strength is very important as you need to be able to pop up and down in a fast matter so that you will have an efficient snapshot.

Once you go behind a bunker or other form of cover, you need to figure out where are your opponents. Before you randomly start shooting after popping out, you must of course pop your head out quickly in order to gain a glimpse of where your targets are. Your target will most likely move around on the paintball field which is why your good judgment is very important. Once you have located your target and you figured out where to shoot, you must get your trigger fingers ready in order to shoot off a couple of shots when you decide to pop out.

You must position your left feet a little wider than shoulder width apart in order to give you the necessary strength and stability out of your legs and pop up or out to your left or right and start shooting a couple of rounds. Prior to popping out, be certain that your gun is up and ready to fire. By doing so you will not need to take time and bring your gun up. For performing a paintball snapshot, you need to be very fast and efficient.

Once you have started shooting a couple of rounds, you might want to switch it up a little bit. For example, if you have popping over the top, now would be a good time to pop out of the side. By doing so you will make your opponents think that they know from where you will be coming out and you will surprise them this way. The element of surprise is very important when playing paintball.

You need to practice a lot and build not only your leg strength but build accuracy and speed skills also. It is recommended to wait until your opponents stop shooting towards you or you can try shooting from a different angle, because otherwise you will most likely get shot.

Summary: The article offers a brief guide of how to do an efficient paintball snapshot.

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